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About us was developed by Build Up Labs, a startup studio that repeatedly ideates, builds and grows its own startups, based on a lean process with a cross-disciplinary team and shared resources. Grow fast or kill fast.

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It was officially launched in 2024 by

Vitor Soares (CEO OF

Vítor Soares (CEO, ex-Tap My Back and IZIRepair)

Launched two online marketplaces and three subscription products. Currently building new AI B2B SaaS products, as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Build Up Labs venture builder.

João Pereira (CTO of

João Pereira (CTO, ex-Tap My Back and Kiss My Score)

CTO and Entrepreneur in Residence at Build Up Labs - a Startup Studio and Incubator. Also mentor and supporter of entrepreneurs in our incubation programs.

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Why AskCory? is a revolutionary AI-powered marketing assistant that empowers marketing professionals –  from freelancers and agencies to marketing departments.

It was initially developed to help start-up founders implement the Bullseye Framework, but quickly recognized the broader need it fills for freelancers and marketing agencies that manage multiple client accounts

Built for Efficiency and Effectiveness streamlines the marketing planning process, enabling users to create comprehensive and effective strategies in a fraction of the time.  Our platform leverages the Bullseye Framework, a powerful methodology for identifying the optimal customer acquisition channels. 

More Than Just Automation goes beyond basic AI tools that simply generate content, it will guide you through the strategic planning process and providing actionable recommendations. 

With, you can:

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Develop data-driven marketing strategies in minutes

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Craft targeted tactics aligned with your goals

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Optimize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI

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