Craft and Execute Marketing Plans 5x faster! saves 80% of your time. It generates strategic tactics, action plans and content assets. Effortlessly integrates actionable insights and benchmarks, in just 10min!

Do you need new marketing strategies but have blank page syndrome?

Our AI Marketing Assistant got you covered!

askcory AI mktg tactics

ChatGPT and Gemini are so lame!

Are you out of new ideas and chatGPT is too generic?

AskCory goes beyond generic suggestions to deliver proven tactics based on industry benchmarks.

Tell AskCory about your business, and get instant access to Personalized marketing strategies!

Bored with implementation planning?

Transform the task of preparing action plans for your team or client into an engaging and efficient process.

Just review the AI-generated actions and requirements.

Save time and focus on what you do best: taking decisions and leading projects.

AI action plan and requirements

See the full example from DuckDuckGo

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No more wasted time with research.

Not sure about the KPIs or where to find relevant benchmarks?

AskCory delivers meaningful KPIs and real benchmarks in a snap.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing: AI-Powered Marketing Insights for Busy Professionals!

Need something that can be easily shared?

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual reports or marketing plans writting.

Easily get a marketing plan report or tactics links that you can share with your team or client.

Customize reports with your branding and logo.

AI action plan and requirements
social media post generator

Stop Struggling with Social Media Posts

Creating engaging social media content can be time-consuming and challenging.

But now, with AskCory, you can easily generate high-quality, attention-grabbing posts in seconds, all powered by the magic of AI.

Whether you need quirky tweets, informative Linkedin posts, or captivating Instagram captions, AskCory adapts to your brand voice.

Staring at a Blank Page?

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to a streamlined content creation process!

AskCory's can now craft unique, SEO-optimized blog posts for you, saving you time and effort while ensuring your content attracts more readers and boosts engagement.

With your AI writing assistant, you can now craft high-converting, keyword-rich blog posts for you, saving you time and effort while ranking higher in search.

AI action plan and requirements


Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Benefits of Using

Cory offers a range of benefits for marketers, startups, and SMEs. From improved ROI to streamlined workflows and data-driven decision-making, is the go-to solution for strategic and effective customer acquisition tactics.

Instant, Tailor-Made Tactics

AskCory offers the unique ability to generate both out-of-the-box and tailor-made marketing tactics swiftly. Access optimized strategies or customize your approach based on the best benchmarks available.

Streamlined Workflows

Say goodbye to cumbersome planning processes. allows you to craft comprehensive marketing plans in just minutes. Spend less time on planning and more time executing impactful strategies.

Improved ROI

AskCory empowers you to optimize strategies, ensuring every tactic contributes to improved Return on Investment. Maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and witness measurable results.

Data-Driven Decision Making

AskCory puts the power of data in your hands. Make informed decisions backed by actionable insights. Elevate your marketing game with a platform that transforms data into a strategic advantage.

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Customer Testimonials

sara baptista de sousa digital PM

Sara B. de Sousa

Digital Project Manager @Digih

An incredible platform that has saved us hours of time and helped us to validate our marketing strategies. We would definitely recommend it to any marketer looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

carlos martins strategy director at comon

Carlos Martins

Strategy Director @COMON

As a marketeer, time is money. This AI-driven platform not only saved me valuable time but also helped me generate strategic tactics that deliver real results. Highly recommended!

vitor barreto cannabud

Vitor Barreto

Head of Growth @Cannabud.AI helped us come up with innovative marketing ideas that we hadn't thought of before. To go when planning marketing strategy!

elodie pagaud Freelance Creative communication consultant

Elodie Pagaud

Freelance Communication Consultant

I used to dread making plans and reports for clients until I found Now, reporting is a breeze, and I can focus on what truly matters – implementing effective marketing strategies

Tiago Costa zumer cofounder

Tiago Costa

Co-Founder & CPTO @Zumer is a must-have for startups and SMEs. The benefits extend beyond improved ROI – it simplifies the complex world of marketing strategy, making it accessible and effective.

catarina sousa junior marketer

Catarina Sousa

Marketeer @FSIPS is such a promising tool for marketers! It's more specific and useful than other AI tools, but it's still easy to use.

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Discover the Power of

Unlock the potential of your marketing strategy by easily applying the Bullseye Framework, through our platform.

The Bullseye Framework is a strategic tool for business growth, focusing on 19 different traction channels to identify the most effective ways to grow a business.

Advanced Tactics

Data-Driven Insights

Automated Marketing Plans

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By leveraging AI technology, enables entrepreneurs and marketers to break free from the blank page syndrome, crafting comprehensive marketing plans in just 10 minutes and saving up to 80% of their planning time.

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Startup Build Up Labs develops marketing assistant with AI

Startup studio Build Up Labs has announced the launch of a marketing assistant with artificial intelligence, aimed at freelancers and agencies, capable of drawing up commercial proposals in seconds.

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AskCory AI Tool

AskCory is an AI-powered marketing assistant designed to save time by generating strategic tactics, action plans, and content assets. It integrates actionable insights and benchmarks, offering marketing strategies personalized for businesses in just minutes.

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7 questions for 1 startup: AskCory

The Martech market is booming, with projections estimating it to reach over $2 trillion by 2032. In this dynamic landscape, staying ahead requires innovative tools that harness the power of AI, like AskCory.

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Marketing pans 5x times faster!

AskCory is an AI-driven tool specially designed to aid in generating, executing, and evaluating marketing strategies and tactics. The platform is coded to empower users to create comprehensive marketing plans swiftly, saving significant time and effort.

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